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Women's Golf Association

Membership in the 9 hole league is OPEN
Membership in the 18 hole league is OPEN

Click here for application



 Final 18 hole league play - open to guests and 9 holers!  Join us on October 13.  Shotgun start at 8:30.


 *Proposed slate of officers for 2017 please click  here




Final Awards Luncheon to be held at The Maple Tree Cafe with Attilio on Tuesday October 18, 11:30 social/12:30 lunch.  Cost will be $22/head.  Flyer info here.



Congratulations to Jan Marsh - the 18 hole League Club Champion!

Congratulations to Charlotte Ackerman - the 18 hole League Senior Club Champion! 


Congratulations to Sarah Cramer - the 9 hole League Club Champion!

Congratulations to Hana Yu - the 9 hole League Senior Club Champion!


Congratulations to Charlotte Ackerman, the SNEWGA SUPER SR CHAMPION for the 5th year in a row!  Way to go!

Congratulations to Beth Rotko, the SNEWGA LEGENDS CHAMPION !  Way to go!



Ladies - please keep up with the group in front of you.  If there is a hole open, you can make up time by having the first person who putts out go immediately to the next tee to tee off while the others finish.





*   Tournaments will only be 'rained out' if the course is closed! If the course is open, the tournament is still on.


*   We need any and all scorecards from women golfers for re-numbering the hole difficulty.  If you are playing at Simsbury Farms on a day other than league day, please mark your name and handicap on the scorecard and drop in my locker (#3) so that we can use it.  We need hundreds of scores to do this - so the more the better!





A reminder about scorecards: 
Two fully completed scorecards should be kept per group for all tournaments - as a means of verifying the scores. Be sure to spell out last names of all players clearly on the cards. Only one card  handed in - It must be signed, attested and dated.

POSTING YOUR SCORES - please be advised that our handicap chairs are checking every scorecard and will be contacting you if you have not posted.  You can post online at GHIN.COM if proshop computer is down.  Even if you do not finish a round (i.e. Warner Cup), you are still able to post your score.  These guidelines are taken from the USGA:

  • Post your score when you play at least 7 holes (for 9 hole round) and 13 holes (for 18 hole round) On the holes you didn't play record a par plus any handicap strokes you would have received. For example, if you have a 19 handicap, you receive one stroke on each hole and two strokes on the hardest ranked hole on the course.  If one of the holes you didn't play is ranked as the #1 hardest hole, give yourself par +2, and for the rest you would get par +1. 
  • When you pick up on a hole, jot down the score you most likely would have made. If this score is higher than the maximum number you are allowed under the ESC system, then you need to adjust your score to this maximum.
18 HOLE HCP                       9 HOLE HCP  
9 or less              |          4 or less    Double Bogey
10 - 19             |                5 - 9 7
 20 - 29             |            10 - 14  8
 30 - 39            |            15 - 19 9
40 or more       |            20 - 24 10
     n/a                     |           25 or more 11



To learn more about SNEWGA, visit www.snewga.org