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    Tournament & Local Rules


Simsbury Farms Women’s Golf Association

2021 Procedures


Weekly Tournament Schedule

The schedule of weekly tournaments will be posted on the bulletin boards in the locker room and on the Women's League website.

9 Hole Play            Tuesdays   …   Starting at 7:30 am       (10 minute intervals)

18 Hole Play                        Thursdays … Starting at 7:30 am       (10 minute intervals)

It is your responsibility to check what the tournament format is for the week before you start play. Example: if it is lowest number of putts, then you need to keep track as you play.

The Starter will know the tournament being played and the format.

Signing up to play

We will be using on-line tee times and sign up.

Players must sign up on-line before the day of play.

The tee times reserved for us will be released at 7:15 am on the Tuesday or Thursday prior to the date of play.

These reserved tee times are only accessible to league members.  Each person should

set up an account on simsburyfarms.com, creating a user name and password.

  • Reminders:   You MUST sign in to see the League only times

           Nine Holers need to select “Course” and then “Back Nine” to see the 9 hole times

The on-line tee time system will allow players to sign up 1 to 4 players. If you do not see who you have scheduled in your group then go back into "my reservations" to view the players listed at your tee time. You will also get an automatic email verification from the system regarding your booked tee time.

Please do not call the pro shop to ask them to sign you up.


If you have reserved a tee time and are not able to play:

  • If at least 24 hours in advance, go on-line and cancel your reservation
  • If on the morning of play, call into the Pro Shop (860 658-6246)

or call/text someone in your foursome to deliver the message

Arrival time

Arrive in time to pay, check in with the starter, and prepare yourself and your equipment so you are ready to play 10 minutes before your tee time.

Do not go to the first Tee or any tee box until the group in front of you is moving down the fairway.

There should be no gathering in the parking lots, the locker room, common areas, practice putting green, etc. 


Pay your greens fees, cart fees and tournament fees at the outside window of the pro shop.

Fees can be paid with credit/debit cards or cash.

The senior discount applies if you are age 65 or over.


Carts will be available for weekly tournaments. You will be charged a higher fee if you want to ride as a single player.

Between each use, carts are being taken away to be power washed and sanitized.

Please return your cart to the roped off area designated for used carts.


There will be a sheet posted on the bulletin board showing handicaps for each member.

Your handicap is now instantly updated each time you enter a score into the GHIN app or website and daily updates are available if you log into your account.

For league purposes, a new handicap report will be run each Sunday and used for the week’s handicap indexes.

If you do not have a handicap, you will get one after you have entered at least three 18 hole scores or six 9 hole scores. These scores can be for any course, not just Simsbury Farms.

It is to your advantage to get a handicap as soon as possible because you will not be eligible to win any net prizes (your gross score minus your handicap) until you have a handicap.

The maximum course handicap for 18 holers is 40. The maximum course handicap for 9 holers is 27.

Score Cards

Scorecards will be available in a box by the starter’s desk.

Each player should keep her own individual scorecard and at least 1 member of the group should keep a scorecard with all the scores.

The group scorecard should have at least the 1st initial and last name of each player, and the date.

After play, your group should agree on the total score for each player, and the total for the weekly tournament if appropriate (for example, total of scores for even-numbered holes).

This group card should be signed by the scorer and requires one additional signature to attest the card.

There will be a box on top of the computer stand in the hallway to deposit group scorecards.

For anyone without an individual scorecard, players can take a photo of the group card to take home to post their scores hole by hole.

Ringer Book (Ringers, Birdies, Eagles, Chip-Ins, Sandies)

In past years, each league had a Ringer Book in which to record information used to determine additional prizes, generally at the end of the season. It was kept in the women's locker room, usually on the table. There will be no physical Ringer Book in the locker room this season.

For this year, you will be asked to keep your own Record Sheet off-site.

You will be emailed a record sheet to keep your data on your own and submit at the end of the season.

Record Sheet copies will also be available in the locker room or can be downloaded off the website.

Please update your Ringers from your individual scorecard and list your Birdies, Eagles, Chip-Ins and Sandies.

This record is only for play on league days, not other times you might play at Simsbury Farms.


Birdie Tree and Chip-In Tree

The Birdie Tree and Chip-In Tree will continue to decorate the walls of the women's locker room but will not be in use this season.

Prizes and Results

The Pro Shop will tally results and award prizes to gross and net winners in divisions in addition to Side Game winners.

Results showing the members who won prizes in the weekly tournament and in the side game will be posted on the bulletin board in the women's locker room and on the Simsbury Farms Website in the women's league section under 2021 Tournament Schedule.

Winnings may be used to purchase items in the pro shop or for re-gripping clubs, shoe re-spiking or for lessons, but not for greens fees, cart rental fees or range tokens.

Posting Your Score

Each time you play, you are responsible for self posting your score on that same day.

The kiosk in the Pro Shop hallway is not available. Players can download the USGA/GHIN app on their phone, tablet, laptop, etc for posting scores or go to www.ghin.com. You must create an account with a password prior to entering any scores.

The Equitable Score has been eliminated and replaced with Par + 2 + handicap strokes per

hole, per person based on handicap. 

Hole by hole score posting is strongly encouraged as your score will be automatically adjusted by the app for any hole score over your personal limit.

It is easier to take an extra minute to enter hole by hole and let the app work for you than try to figure it out by yourself.

Safety Precautions

Covid-19 precautions for social distancing will remain in effect until further notice.

Practice 6' Social Distancing on all Tee Boxes, Greens, and areas between holes.

No touching the flagstick. It should remain in the hole at all times.

Ball washers and drinking fountains have been covered and are inaccessible.

Rakes have been removed from bunkers. If your ball settles in a footprint, it may be placed on the closest smooth area of the bunker.

The side entrances to the hallway of the Pro Shop, as well as the locker room door will be propped open for access to the Restroom. Please wear a mask in the restroom until further notice.

The bag storage room will be accessible only by Pro Shop staff. 

Pace of Play

Please make an effort to play "ready golf" to help keep up with the group ahead of you.

Plan your shot before you get to your ball. Determine your yardage and make your club selection before it is your turn to play.

Keep your pre-shot routine short. Pick your line of play once and trust yourself. Try to make no more than one practice swing, then set up to the ball and play your shot.

Aim to play in 20 seconds. From club selection to pre-shot routine to execution, strive to hit your shot in 20 seconds when it is your turn to play.

Follow the flight of all tee shots, not just your own. Help others look for their ball if you already know the location of yours. Lost ball search time is limited to 3 minutes.

Be efficient on the putting green. Mark and clean your ball when you arrive at the putting green so you will be ready to replace it when it is your turn. Without disturbing others, try to line up your putt while others are putting.

Leave your clubs and cart on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee.

Leave the green promptly and wait until you are at the next tee to record your score.


Simsbury Farms Women’s Golf Association

2021 Local Rules


The Simsbury Farms Women's Golf Association follows the official USGA rules, with a few local rules.

Winter Rules: When the pro shop determines that conditions warrant "winter rules", they will advise whether it is mark, lift, clean and place in your own fairway or mark, lift, clean and place in the fairways and rough. The placement of the ball should be within one grip length.

Guide Wires: If a tree with guide wires interferes with a lie, stance, or flight of ball, you may drop your ball within 2 club lengths, no nearer the hole, without penalty.

Maximum Number of Strokes: Pick up when max is reached.

The Maximum Numbers of Strokes you are allowed in both the 9 & 18 Hole League is 10**. Once you reach that number, pick up your ball and record a 10* on your score card .

Players recording a 10* are eligible for weekly tournament prizes and should add the 10 into their total score just the same as any other hole score.

In order to keep play moving, all members of the group are expected to make sure that this maximum stroke rule is followed and to speak up and remind fellow golfers if they forget.

Special Local Rules for 9-Hole League**:

  • · Hole #3: Drive in water - drop ball at top of hill, far right side of fairway. Lying 3, hitting 4th shot.
  • · Hole #5 -  Ball into pond - play ball as lateral penalty shot (drop ball two club lengths from edge of penalty area, lateral to where ball landed in water, no closer to hole).  For example:  if your third shot goes into the pond, count as if the fourth gets you out, and you are hitting your 5th shot from the spot lateral to where the ball entered the water.
  • · Hole #15: Drive into Pond -  Drop ball across pond between the pond and the cart path.  Lying 2, hitting 3rd shot. 
  • · Out-of-bounds or lost ball: You may elect to take a 2 stroke penalty and drop your ball in the fairway on a line no closer to the hole.

**stroke limit and the special rules for the 9 hole league do not apply during the club championship.



To learn more about SNEWGA, visit www.snewga.org