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Tournament & Local Rules


The Simsbury Farms Women's Golf Association follows the official USGA rules, with a few local rules. This write-up does not list the changes to the USGA rules effective for 2019.



No tournament prizes for the week if:

  1. a. the course superintendent determines that riding carts are not allowed because it's too soggy


  1. b. fewer than 9 people play and turn in scorecards

This doesn't mean you can't play, certainly you can (unless the course is "closed".)

Any rounds that you play will count towards the minimum number required to be eligible to play in the club championship (which is 4).

Special maximum for the 18-hole league

The maximum number of strokes on each hole is 10 (except no limit during the club championship).

Special local rules for 9-hole league (just the fourth special rule is new for 2019)

  • · Hole #3: Drive in water - drop ball at top of hill, far right side of fairway. Lying 3, hitting 4th shot.
  • · Hole #5: Ball into pond - play ball as lateral penalty area (two club lengths from edge of penalty area, lateral to where ball landed in the pond, no closer to hole).
  • · Hole #15: Drive in water - drop ball across pond in front of the cart path in the rough. Lying 2, hitting 3rd shot.
  • · Out-of-bounds or lost ball: You may elect to take a 2 stroke penalty and drop your ball in the fairway on a line no closer to the hole.

Note: these rules do not apply during the club championship.



Signing up to play

Starting at 7 a.m., you can call Simsbury Farms at 860-658-6246 or come in person to sign up for league play a week ahead. You may sign up for one person in addition to yourself. You can pick any time starting at 7:30 that has space available. Last time available is determined by the pro staff. If you come on another day to sign up, the sign-up schedules are kept on a hook on the left side of the computer in the lobby.


Please call 860-658-6246 if you are not able to play for a tee-time you have reserved. If you are not able to get through on that number, please call or text one of the other members of your foursome so that she can report you are not planning to come.

Arrival time

Arrive in time to pay and prepare yourself and your equipment so you are ready to play 10 minutes before your tee time. Check in with the starter at the starter desk, and wait for the starter to tell you and your group to head to the tee.

Greens fees

Pay your greens fees at the counter in the pro shop. The senior discount applies if you are age 65 or over. The rental fee for a riding cart is per person, not per cart.

Side game

You may pay $1 to participate in an optional mystery side game, determined by the pro. Examples: total score ending in 5, most holes with score of 7.

Tournament Schedule

The schedule of tournaments is posted on the bulletin boards and on the Women's League website.

It is your responsibility to know what the tournament is for the week before you start play.

For example, if it is lowest number of putts, then you need to keep track as you play.

Winter rules

It is your responsibility to know whether "winter rules" are in effect. First look at the sign posted between the 1st and 10th tee boxes. If it says "winter rules", then ask the starter if winter rules are in effect just for the fairway (in which case you may mark, lift, clean, and place your ball in the fairway if it was in the fairway without penalty) or in effect "through the green" (in which case you may also mark, lift, clean, and place your ball in the rough if it was in the rough without penalty). The placement of the ball should be within one grip length.

Pace of Play/Max Strokes

For the 9-hole league, the maximum number of strokes on each hole is 11 (except no limit during the club championship). For the 18-hole league, the maximum number of strokes on each hole is 10 (except no limit during the club championship). Once you reach the limit, pick up your ball and move on. Please make an effort to play "ready golf" to help your group keep up with the group ahead of you. The USGA recommends a maximum time of 40 seconds to play each shot.

Special local rule for 9-hole and 18-hole leagues

If a tree with guide wires interferes with a lie, stance, or flight of ball, you may drop your ball within 2 club lengths, no nearer the hole, without penalty.


There will be a sheet posted on the bulletin board showing handicaps for each member. Your handicap is updated and sent to you by e-mail on the 1st and 15th of each month. If you do not have a handicap, you will get one after you have entered at least five scores into the computer. These five scores can be for any course, not just Simsbury Farms. It is to your advantage to get a handicap as soon as possible because you will not be eligible to win any net prizes (your gross score minus your handicap) until you have a handicap. The maximum course handicap for 18 holers is 40.  The maximum course handicap for 9 holers is 27.

Score Cards

Your group should keep at least 2 score cards, with at least 1st initial and last name, and date. After play, your group should agree on the total score for each player, and the total for the weekly tournament if appropriate (for example, total of scores for even-numbered holes).

After you have filled out the ringer book (see next item), one card should be signed and attested and turned in to the pro staff.

Ringer Book

Each league has a ringer book in which to record information used to determine additional prizes, generally at the end of the season. It is kept in the women's locker room, usually on the table. After you have finished playing, fill in the information. This is only for play on the league days, not other times you might play at Simsbury Farms. The first section of the book has a line for each member and a box for each hole. You should enter your best score for each hole. Other sections of the book are for Birdies and Chip-Ins and Sandies; these require a signature and the signature of a witness. The definition of a sandie that we are using in the league is as follows: if your ball is in a bunker and you hit it out in one stroke and hole out with one putt or less.

Birdie Tree and Chip-In Tree

On the walls of the women's locker room are pictures of trees on which you may post a little paper if you have had a birdie or chip-in. This is not the official record of birdies or chip-ins---the official record is in the ringer book.

Posting into the Computer

You are responsible to post your score into the computer in the lobby or on-line at home at http://ghin.com/scorePosting.aspx. Enter your GHIN number or your last name. If you do not have a handicap yet, post your total score. Otherwise, adjust your score, depending on your course handicap (not the index handicap) as shown below:



18 HOLE HCP                       9 HOLE HCP


9 or less              |          4 or less   

Double Bogey

10 - 19              |                5 - 9


 20 - 29             |            10 - 14 


 30 - 39            |            15 - 19


40 or more       |            20 - 24


     n/a                     |           25 or more


Example: if I am a member of the 9-hole league with a course handicap of 8 and a total score of 54 and only one particularly bad hole with a score of 10, then I would post 51 in the computer.


Results showing the members who won prizes in the weekly tournament and in the side game are posted on the bulletin board in the women's locker room and are also posted on the women's league website. Winnings may be used to purchase items in the pro shop or for re-gripping clubs or for lessons, but not for greens fees or cart rental fees.

To learn more about SNEWGA, visit www.snewga.org