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Tournament & Local Rules

Tournament Rules

  • Rules governing play during tournaments are issued by the Tournament Committee.
  • League play must follow course rules for the day, i.e., winter or summer rules.
  • All current information will be posted on the bulletin board in the ladies' locker room. The sign-up sheet is located to the left of the computer in the hall.
  • All qualifying rounds and tournaments must be played with another member of the Association.
  • All scorecards must be signed, attested and dated.
  • In order to qualify for play in the Club Championship. a member must be in good standing in the current year and must have participated in at least 4 weekly tournaments or league sponsored events (i.e. Warner Cup)
  • In stroke play, all putts must be holed out. A conceded or picked-up putt disqualifies players from the tournament. In match play, putts may be conceded.
  • Post your own scores on the computer after signing the card. Give card to pro to record for tournament.
  • Post your chip-ins, birdies, sandies and scores on the ringer board in the locker room. All qualifications are based on entries in this book.
  • Sign up for weekly tournaments (phone or written) is limited to two people.  
  • Distance Measuring Devices approved for SFWGA tournaments 

Local Tournament Rules

  • "Winter rules" mean preferred lies. Ball in fairway only may be moved to a better location, no further that one grip length, without penalty.
  • Where a tree with guy wires interferes with a lie, stance or flight of ball, the ball may be dropped within two club lengths, no nearer the hole, without penalty.
  • The maximum course handicap for 18 holers is 40.  The maximum course handicap for 9 holers is 27.
18-Holer Only Local Rules*
  • Those with a 40 course handicap should pick up after 11 strokes, continue play on the next hole,  and note the card.

9-Holer Only Local Rules*

  • Please pick up after 11 shots on any one hole.
  • Hole #3: Drive in water - drop ball at top of hill, far right side of fairway. Lying 3, hitting 4th shot.
  • Hole #5: Ball into pond - play ball as lateral hazard (two club lengths from hazard marker, lateral to where ball went in).
  • Hole #15: Drive in water - drop ball across pond. Lying 2, hitting 3rd shot.
  • When using any of the options above, put an X next to that score on your scorecard.

* does not apply to club championships

To learn more about SNEWGA, visit www.snewga.org