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Warner Cup

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Warner Cup

The Warner Cup is named after Don Warner, the Starter at Simsbury Farms for 14 years and a dear friend to the SFWGA.  With Don's passing, the Warner Cup is now played in his memory.

The Warner Cup is an on-going match play tournament played at full handicap. It begins in May and lasts most of the season until all matches have been played.  

  • In match play, you compete against each other based on holes won, lost or tied.
  • Players have approximately 1 month to play their match in each round (i.e. round 1 played in May, round 2 played in June, etc)
  • The tournament can accommodate 32 players who are divided into two flights.  
  • The pairings within the flights will be determined by a combination of players seeded by handicap and random draws.
  • (New for 2019) The winners of each of the two flights will have their names engraved on the Warner Cup Trophy.
  • (New for 2019)  There will be 2 drop-down flights for all players who lose their first match.
    • The drop-down flights will begin as soon as possible after the

first rounds of the original flights are completed.

  • The cost to participate is $5
  • Any questions?      Please contact Karen Bali.

Past Winners 


Beth McBroom


Buffy Tang


Jan Marsh


Carol Galbraith


Lynn Roth


Paula Cloud


Paula Cloud


Buffy Tang


Susan Mueller


The Warner Cup Match Play Tournament

  • 18 Hole Matches
  • 2 Flights by Handicap
  • Season Long Play
  • Consolation Round


In match play, the player simply records whether the hole was won or lost. The player who wins the most holes wins the match. 1 point is awarded for winning the hole, ½ point for tying the hole, and 0 for losing the hole.

The Warner Cup is a net tournament, so your handicap will be used. A scorecard will be provided by the Pro Shop “stroked” with the number of strokes that you will deduct from your hole score on that hole.   Example: Susie gets a stroke on hole #1 and scores a 5 (net 4 subtracting the stroked card) and Mary scores a 4 with no strokes on that hole – the hole is tied and each receives ½ point.   If Susie scored a 4 (net 3) for the hole #1, she would have won the hole (vs. Mary’s 4) and received 1 point.


The player who is farthest from the hole plays first.

The winner of a hole has “honors” on the next hole and tees off first. If the hole was tied, the winner of the previous hole has honors.

Putts may be conceded. Your opponent may “give” you the putt at any point. It is counted as 1 stroke and the ball is considered holed.

If a player is having a difficult time with a hole (“out of the hole”), she can pick up her ball and concede (give) the hole to the other player.   Example: Mary is lying 6 at the 150 yard marker, and Susie is next to the pin lying 3.   Mary can concede the hole to Susie.   This keeps the match moving and helps with speed of play.

Please call the Pro Shop or book your tee time on line noting that this is for a Warner Cup match. Player names are helpful for having the scorecard stroked before your tee time.  

Matches should be played by the deadline set for each round. Delaying play delays other matches!


When one player has won more holes than the number of holes remaining in the match, the match is over and the player with the most points has won. Example: On hole #16, Susie has 4 more points than Mary and there are 3 holes left to play.   Susie has won the match 4 & 3 (or 4 holes up with 3 to play). The match is over.

If a match is tied after 18 holes, a sudden death playoff will decide the match. The first hole won outright by a player determines the winner.

Please turn in your attested and dated scorecard to the Pro Shop.


2019 Warner Cup Draws Draw charts