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Warner Cup

The Warner Cup is named after Don Warner, the Starter at Simsbury Farms for 14 years and a dear friend to the SFWGA.  With Don's recent passing, the Warner Cup will be played in his memory.

The Warner Cup is an on-going match play tournament played at full handicap. It begins May 1 (ish)  and lasts most of the season until all matches have been played.  Generally, you have 1 month to get your match in (i.e. round 1 played in May, round 2 played in June etc)  The tournament can accomodate 32 players and the field is divided into two flights.  The winner of each of the two flights play each other in the final match to determine the overall Champion who will have their named engraved on the Warner Cup Trophy.  

The winner and runner - up of each flight will receive cash payouts.  The cost to participate is $5, paid by May 1st.  Any questions? Please contact Paula Cloud at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Past Winners 

2010 Beth McBroom
2011 Carol Galbraith
 2012 Paula Cloud
2013 Buffy Tang
Lynn Roth
2015 Buffy Tang
2016 Jan Marsh
2017 Paula Cloud
2018 Brackets:
  A Flight              B Flight         
1 Sarah Cramer          1 Patty Crawford  
16  Paula Cloud   16  Jane Youngstrom  
8 Lisa Neary   8 Judy Saxton  
9 Jan Marsh   9 Marcia Massey  
4 Cindy Franklin   4 Jennifer Halbert  
13 Pam Lacko   13 Norma MacLean  
5 Charlotte Ackerman   5 Joanne Niland  
12 Delia Brennan   12 Maggie Kavanagh  
2 Suzanne Harris   2 Randa Carr  
15 Nealy Martin   15 Barb Bush  
7 Liz Wilson   7 Nancy Waggoner  
10 Lynn Roth   10 Nan Schultz  
3 Carol Galbraith   3 Jerri Pease  
14 Linda Tomes   14 Sharon Shepherd  
6 Gloria Greenwald   6 Susan Mueller  
11 Betty Hewitt   11 Andrea Toscano